Colleen Ballinger has two little ones on the way.

The YouTube personality who created her theater-obsessed alter ego Miranda Sings in 2008 and later featured on the Netflix series Haters Back Off! 2016, went on her YouTube channel on May 21 to announce she is pregnant with twins. The news comes a few months after telling fans that she miscarried earlier this year.

The discovery, Colleen told fans, came after she woke up to unexpected bleeding – which was one of the signs of her miscarriage. “It really freaked me out and I was confident it would happen again,” explained the creator of the content.

Colleen sharing her son Flynn, 2, with her husband Eric Stocklinsaid she learned she was expecting twins at the doctor’s appointment to address the problem.

“It was such a whiplash of emotions in the brain. I can’t even explain to you how crazy that experience was,” she said. “I don’t think I heard a word she said after she said I had twins.”