The second series of Allen v. Farrow contained home videos of Dylan, aged 7, telling her mother about the alleged abuse. Before it aired in February, Dylan tweeted, “My fear of bringing this tape to light is that I will put Little Dylan on trial. While I was able to put the stones on me as an adult Have been thrown to take Remember that what happened to that little girl is an upset stomach. “

“But I decided to let her share it in the hopes that Little Dylan’s voice could now help others who suffer in silence to feel heard, understood, and less alone,” she continued. “And that my testimony could also help parents, relatives, friends, loved ones, and the world in general to understand firsthand how an abused child might speak and interpret these horrific events.”

Dylan added, “I hope this tape helps us all find ways that painful secrets can safely get out of their closets so that we can all heal and move forward in strength and peace. We no longer need to be ashamed, buried, fearful.” , be sad and quiet. “”