Ripa talked about how soap stars tend to hang out because they spend so much time together on set. “We were the only people we knew.” Consuelos added: “That’s pretty much the only reason we got married because we didn’t know anyone else”.

“Shhh,” Ripa silenced him and got another fit of giggles. “That’s not true … I’m sure it’s not true. I mean it could be true. But look, it worked!”

Eleven years later, they still make each other laugh. They also still have similarities (without Consuelos’ habit of watching sports) and they got to the heart of this whole thing that really likes itself.

“It’s a very typical, normal relationship,” Consuelos also told E! at the 10-year mark in 2006. “We have, you know, ups and downs like everyone else.” He suspected that if you asked his wife, there were moments in their marriage that indicated that “it could have gone either way.” But “I think I made a really good decision.”

He smiled.