Even so, Katherine said she had unexpected consequences for her actions. The Grey’s Anatomy actress believed her reputation wouldn’t matter as long as the films she starred in were profitable. As she put it, “You can be the most terrifying, difficult, terrifying person on the planet, but if you make them money, they will keep hiring you.”

But, as she noted, the projects that followed the success of 27 Dresses and the Ugly Truth didn’t “make that much money”.

Becoming a pariah in Hollywood has done great damage to Katherine’s sanity.

“I think my family, my mother, my husband and my friends were scared. And I deeply regret that I scared them so much,” she recalled. “But I just couldn’t control it. I didn’t have any tools.”

It was only in the years after she greeted her son Joshua Jr.. that the star was ready to face her weakened emotional state. Katherine revealed, “I asked my mom and husband to find a place that could help me because I felt I would rather be dead.”