After The Root interview, which went viral on Twitter over the weekend, many expressed disappointment with some of the responses from the cast and director.

“‘There were Afro-Latinx people in the auditions, but they chose us because we fit the roles better’ really? Nobody else could play your role?” wrote a Twitter user. “‘But there were black dancers! You didn’t see them?” We just didn’t see any traces. ‘”

Another repeated similar feelings, sharing: “‘Black Latinx ppl showed up at the audition but none of them were good enough to get a lead role’ is probably the worst excuse anyone can give for colorism (for which it is obvious there is no valid excuse). “

“To say that there were a lot of dark-skinned Latinx people auditioning and none of them got cast for starring because they picked actors who ‘played what they were looking for’ is very yikes,” added someone else.

While some criticized the film, others sang its praises. actress Ashley Nicole Black wrote: “When I saw In The Heights on Broadway, it redefined what theater can do for me. It felt like everyone in the theater was on the same page, everyone part of the show, like it was a black box or something. I wondered if they could bring that feeling to a movie theater. They did. “

“Just watched #InTheHeightsMovie. This is a GREAT movie that speaks for us all. So proud !!!” Jorge Ramos shared, with director Carly Usdin “In the Heights was the perfect movie for my first time in 16 months at a cinema.