Consisting of “mostly party grooves” (think: the Cabbage Patch renamed “I Got This” and the Sprinkler or “The Listener”), it’s not so much about flex as it is about “bringing joy,” noted tWitch. “Even though I’m a dancer, I still dance ridiculously stupid in front of my kids as much as I can to embarrass them.”

Despite his undeniably cool factor – and nearly 3 million Instagram followers – he would argue that he has a black belt in humiliating teenagers.

“I have an uncanny ability to embarrass my kids – 100 percent,” he insisted. With Weslie he continued: “We breathe and she gets embarrassed, you know what I mean? And the fact that other people think we have a cool factor, no, that doesn’t help any worse. “

Although some of Weslie’s friends follow Allison on TikTok, the teen isn’t entirely convinced that her parents are okay with this. “We thought that maybe later in life she would realize, ‘Oh, maybe I actually had some cool parents,'” joked tWitch. “But right now she’s a teenager who says, ‘You all do that over there.'”