And Nashville residents can’t wait to see their “very naughty, very headstrong” toddler take on her role as big sister. “I don’t have any siblings,” remarked Shawn. “Andrew has four and they’re all very close together. I love to see that bond they have, so it was a dream of mine to have kids pretty decently close so they can grow up together and be pretty close. “

To be very clear, she got to the heart of the 29-year-old former NFL long-snapper’s dream of having a breed as big as the one he grew up with in Indianapolis. “If we’re really ambitious we could go for a third, but for now we’re set for two,” she said. And when Baby East was due to arrive three months before her daughter’s second birthday, Shawn said, “I’m so excited to see Drew’s reaction and to see her care for a sibling. I’m looking forward to all the milestones again.”

Just a year and a half away from her last pregnancy, the 29-year-old Iowa American expected it to be a bit like riding a bike. Just with more nausea and exhaustion. “I thought it would feel like old hat,” she said. “But I forgot everything! I even forgot what I can’t eat. I said, ‘What happens?'”