Yes, Samira Wiley is very happy about the nomination for an Emmy. But beyond that, she’s super excited about one of her co-stars.

In exclusive chat with E! News, Actress The Handmaid’s Tale, nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, revealed why she’s so excited Madeline Brewer, with whom she also starred on Orange Is the New Black. “I called Maddie this morning, I haven’t heard from her,” Samira said exclusively to E! News. “This is her first nomination and I honestly was very confused about why Maddie had never been nominated before.”

As she went on, the Nerve actress said that Madeline had one of her favorite appearances on the show, adding, “I’m so, so, so excited for her.”

Madeline was first nominated on Tuesday July 13th when she nodded in the same category as co-stars Samira. Ann Dowd and Yvonne Strahovski. Both Samira and Ann have received Emmys for their work on the dystopian Hulu drama, with Yvonne being nominated back in 2018.