Allison Janney loves her new look, but the producers of her longtime show mom seem to have done some persuasion.

The 61-year-old Oscar winner attended The Tonight Show on Wednesday April 14th where she spoke to the host Jimmy Fallon on the fact that their CBS sitcom is coming to an end after eight successful seasons. Jimmy once asked Allison if she was keeping any props as souvenirs, which led her to explain why the show’s team was shocked when she showed up this season with her current hairstyle, which is her natural gray color and has no extension.

“It’s funny because nobody knew I was wearing a wig,” explained the West Wing alum. “I’m coming in for this season of mom and the producers see me like that and they say, ‘What did you do? How do we do this … You should have asked us before you did that to your hair!'”

Fortunately, there was no real cause for alarm. “I think, ‘Folks, I’ve been wearing a wig since season one, but nobody knew,'” she continued. “Everyone in the world knows by now. So this wig comes with me and some sweatpants because my character Bonnie loved to be comfortable, just like Allison Janney. So I used a lot of sweatpants.”