While her 22-day outing was interrupted, her career never missed a beat when her hit “The Bones” was on the country list for 19 weeks, setting a new record for an artist. She was also recognized as a three-time CMA Awards winner at the ACM Awards 2020 in November. Her five nominations earned trophies for Song, Single, and Singer of the Year and she stands ready to collect up to six more at the Academy of Country on April 18 music awards.

Her upcoming third album – her first without a beloved producer and songwriter Busbee, who passed away in September 2019 – well, she’s sure to find out. “My tour has been postponed until next year so hopefully we can make at least a few dates,” she told E! News in November. “Vaccine ready, I hope we can. I’m just making time for album three. I’m in no rush. I just want to write and see what I want to say. There’s no deadline for album three, but hopefully we can do one next year touring a bit. “

While she has already written four tracks, her October release “Better Than We Found It” is likely among them. “I really don’t know what my sound is like from that day on,” she admitted to CBS ‘Mason. “I know the lyrics are country, but the rest is kind of in the air.”