She showed a screenshot of the emojis she sent, which included a gust of wind, a basketball player, and a basketball ball.

Lizzo put a title on the TikTok: “Don’t drink and DM, kids … that’s a joke for legal porpoises.”

The best part? Chris answered and followed Lizzo back. The rapper shared an update video of the new development, including a message from Chris saying, “No shame in a drunken DM,” he wrote. “God knows I’ve done worse things with this app, lol.”

And it didn’t stop there. Just before “Rumors” came out, Lizzo had another announcement regarding Chris: he was the father of her fake baby.

“This is something I’ve really tried to keep personal and private, just between myself and my child’s father,” she said on another TikTok. “But since we started spreading rumors today, I’ve gotten involved. We’re going to have a little bit of America.”

The Avengers actor replied, “Hello! Just heard about our little bundle of joys, ”he said. “My mom will be so happy lol.” He added that he didn’t want “gender reveal parties,” which was probably a good call considering they were controversial online.

Lizzo then joked that she had “secured the child benefit pocket”.