BFFs or more? Fans have asked themselves that Lisa Koshy wished her trainer a happy birthday on Instagram.

What was likely intended to be straightforward news was quickly analyzed by social media users who were surprised to see the YouTube star call Jenna Willis your “baby” in the sweet post on Thursday, June 17th.

The fans were shocked when the seemingly single Liza remarked, “I can’t wait to see you down the aisle one day …” She then wrote, “I just have no idea what role you’re going to play.”

The Players actress enclosed a carousel with photos showing the friends dirt biking on sand dunes, dressed up in costumes and hugging each other on their various vacations.

Liza, 25, then made it clear that her wedding reference wasn’t about them getting married, but that Jenna was her “hot bridesmaid” down the line. She asked, “How about my public official? Flower girl? Usher? The ridiculously hot bridesmaid showing the bride effortlessly? Still you know you will be there. Check your inbox for the paperless e-Visa for my nonexistent Wedding .”