Dawson’s Creek fans may not want to wait until their lives are over before enjoying a reunion, but the cast is in no rush to make that happen.

During an interview with The Guardian published on Sunday September 5, Joshua Jackson chatted about his career while working on his recent Peacock series with Dr. Death advertised. At one point, the reporter asked if Dawson’s Creek stars would ever meet for a televised reunion, much like the Friends cast recently did for HBO Max’s Emmy-nominated special.

Long story short, Joshua, 43, didn’t seem interested in planning a reunion and gave a very specific reason why he didn’t think a TV sit down was a good idea.

“I think because the Friends cast were grown up when they did the show, it’s less shocking to see them now,” he shared. “Now if you put our selves in our mid-forties on a couch with our backs creaking, it might shock people.”