The Zero Dark Thirty actress stated that Tammy was “so emotional” in real life and she feared she wouldn’t translate with her pound of makeup on screen. Additionally, she revealed that it took the film’s makeup team more than eight hours each day to complete her makeover.

“I had to go to the set and I was so panicked,” she recalled after sitting on the makeup chair for so long. “I got hot flashes because it’s so heavy and hot. I was scared. It was like doing a long-haul flight every day. Because if it takes seven and a half hours to get dressed, it takes at least two hours to get off. It worried me . “

She added, “I was worried about my circulation. When I got to the set that first day, which lasted seven and a half hours, I thought, ‘I’m out of energy.’ And she is supposed to show up with so much energy. “

With a few simple steps from the glam team, Jessica only had to sit on the make-up chair for four hours.