“Jacob has a lot of love and respect for Rebel and she will always have a special place in his heart,” the source said. “He adored her.”

Now that Rebel is back on the market, she’s single and ready to mingle. The first stop on your dating journey? The Super Bowl, of course.

On Tuesday, February 2nd, the 40-year-old announced her new relationship status on Instagram and wrote: “A lot in my head … aghhhhhh .. # Single-Girl-Heading-to-Super-Bowl!”

It is unclear how long the legacy of the Aussie and Anheuser-Busch dynasties dated, but they made their red carpet debut last September.

Rebel later told E! News that their romance has been going on behind the scenes for a while and Jacob is there to keep them motivated during their weight loss journey.

“Some people on social media say, ‘Oh, you lost weight and then you have a hot boyfriend.’ But what I want to tell these people is that I actually dated Jacob when I was also the hardest, “she explained earlier. “So it’s not that I suddenly lost weight and then you think, oh, you’re getting a hot boyfriend – it doesn’t work that way.”