If there is one Hannah Waddingham believes that it is women who build each other up.

For those who may not know, Apple TV +’s Ted Lasso doesn’t feature any feud between his female characters. In reality, it’s Ted Lasso’s men who have the most drama. Because of this, Waddingham’s characters have Rebecca and Juno temple‘s character Keeley has been lauded for her portrayal of female friendships.

Like Waddingham but exclusive to E! News, that dynamic on screen shouldn’t be a revolutionary thing for television. “Well, I can’t believe it’s even a topic of discussion,” she explained, “because it should always have been that way.”

Case in point: the season one scene in which Keeley helps Rebecca navigate a red carpet has the same energy as a group of women in a club toilet. They hyped each other up and didn’t apologize. In fact, Rebecca and Keeley have a real heart-to-heart in a bathroom in the same episode. So it’s far more realistic than any hostile female trope.