“Didn’t know Cha” Barack Obama would have a strict social media policy at his 60th birthday party?

Days after the former President of the United States hosted a celebrity soirée on Martha’s Vineyard, Erykah Badu has publicly apologized for behaving in what it believes is “so ruthless” at Obama’s requests.

In a now-deleted video shared on Badu’s Instagram Story, Obama was seen on the dance floor next to the singer THEY The clip quickly went viral, with some party-goers criticizing for not wearing masks.

Badu tweeted on Aug. 12, “Mr. and Mrs. Obama, please forgive me for being the ‘terrible guest’ at such a sacred event for your family. I was so inconsiderate. Thank you for your love. What an example of being ‘like NOT’ …… Erica. ”

As a Twitter user Obama suggested and Michelle Obama forced Badu to remove the video and “apologize publicly,” she replied, “Ne sister [the] the right thing.”