As for the new April single, Drew says the former trauma surgeon has “changed a lot” and is now more grounded. Where an earlier version of April would have had a real breakdown over the failure of a second marriage, this more mature April has developed, especially with regards to their all-important religion.

“I just think her speech was written so beautifully. The line where she says, ‘Life is not so well written and sometimes God is not so easy to understand.’ For me it’s like a sign of maturity in your life. ”

Drew remembered growing up in an Evangelical Christian home and said that she and her family had “greatly expanded” their understanding of spirituality and God, and April was on a similar journey.

“I think April, you know, back then when she said, ‘I’m going to have three kids and it’s going to be and I’m going to do that, I’m not going to have sex until I’m married and definitely never divorced, and now she is here and life is so different than planned and I think the younger version of her would have been broken and devastated, “she said. “But because she has grown and evolved and changed and seen the world and realized that God is bigger than her poster of Justin Timberlake that she has prayed has expanded her faith to the point where she can feel the rupture and pain, and it does not destroy her beyond repair. ”