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Gemma went on to believe that even though Christy went to law school in Georgetown, Christy and Bonnie are still close together. “I like to think that she has had a happy and healthy relationship too and that she is still a part of the life of her mother and friends,” said the writer. “We didn’t see her in the final, but she’s still part of that group.”

In addition, TV Line quoted Gemma as saying, “We felt it was important to honor [Faris’] Decision to leave the show. Audiences know Christy has come a long way and overcome so many obstacles over seven seasons in order to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer in The Final. “

Instead, the finale revolved around Bonnie attending Jill’s wedding (Jaime Pressly) and Andy (Will Sasso), not to mention her dealings with husband Adam (William Fichtner) be diagnosed with cancer.

There was a brief reference to Christy when Bonnie mentioned her daughter while talking to a new member of her Alcoholics Anonymous group. “We’re both sober and in love,” said Bonnie. “She moved, but my point is my point.”