If you wanted to know what a difference a year can make, just take a look Whitney Way Thore.

About 365 days ago, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star wanted to find out about her ex-fiancé Chase Severino had officially greeted a child with another woman. Though she was well aware at this point that a baby was on the way – they had finally ended their engagement – the final blow was no less unsettling. But that was then.

“I remember that time last year thinking, ‘Lord, I’m never going to date anyone again for the rest of my life,'” Thore told E! News in an exclusive interview. “It was amazing how quickly I recovered from all of this, so I’m really happy about it.”

What about the man she once wanted to marry? “I don’t want that to sound bad,” she said by way of introduction, “but I feel almost nothing for him, really. I just feel very neutral to the fact that I was able to move on and have feelings for someone else. “

If you’ve paid attention to the 37-year-old TV star’s Instagram feed or watched the re-aired first episode of the show’s ninth season, you know there’s a new man in her life. She has not yet revealed the identity of her husband, who would like to remain a private individual, but Thore has revealed several other important details, including that he lives in his native France and that they met on a language exchange platform.

“It was definitely not what I expected,” she said of the new romance, “but I think COVID has forced people to seek a connection that they may not have had before.”