Unsurprisingly, he also talked about restarting Smart Guy – which he admits was a “slow process” as they would come back with a show that fans of the original would come back with from 1997-1999 with Mowry as a boy would genius navigating high school would really love it while attracting a new generation of viewers at the same time.

When it happens, “it will be worth the wait, I promise,” he said, although obviously not everyone who made the original run special can be there.

But he values ​​the memories he made with Rivera on set when they were just a couple of kids with big crushes.

“It was just fun to be on set together,” he recalls, “because at the time we were already friends and family. And you know, the crush was something that was always there – that just never stopped. “Mowry laughed and added,” But she was just fun to be on set with. “

She may have only appeared in two episodes (including one with a school dance, like every sitcom had to have), but the actor said, “I’m honored to be able to share the screen with her twice and that’s so cool and something that, yes, I have my pictures and my memory, but you know something that is on film and on wax. I can look back and see that and it’s special, it’s special to be able to share a screen with everyone who is important to you. “