Robin Williams on his “Mrs. Doubtfire” transformation

Wake up and smell the coffee! A lot has happened since Mrs. Doubtfire premiered in 1993. But almost 30 years later, fans are still wondering what the three child stars from the beloved comedy are doing these days.

Indeed, curiosity seems to be growing Lisa Jakubwho also portrayed Lydia Robin Williams” Title Nanny Character. Celebrity site Nicky Swift published an article entitled “What happened to the actor who plays Lydia in Mrs. Doubtfire?”

Well, Lisa has an answer. The now 42-year-old actress tweeted a screenshot of the story and wrote, “Well, uh, I mean, a lot has happened since 1993 so you need to be more specific.”

Fans devoured her cheeky and clever answer, with one answering the question with the obvious: “She became one of the most adorable Twitter followers …”

The world has changed a lot in three decades, and Lisa has achieved a lot too. After appearing in Mrs. Doubtfire, she portrayed Alicia on Independence Day (1996), Ally in On the Edge of Innocence (1997), Myra in A Walk on the Moon (1999) and most recently Tara in Double Frame (2000). .