The mother of a social media personality replies to the talk show host Wendy Williams“New comment about him.

TikTok users Matima MillerHe, also known as Swavy, died Monday, July 5th, at the age of 19 in a “senseless act of gun violence” in Delaware, according to an Instagram message from his family.

In a section on the influencer, Wendy caused controversy over her reaction to his death by saying later that week on her show, “I have no idea who this is … Not even a person in this building.” Wendy continued that Swavy has “more followers than me” on TikTok, despite Wendy pointing out that she has more Instagram followers.

On Saturday, July 10th, Matima’s mother, Chanelle ClarkShe told CBS Philly that the talk show host’s segment was “so disrespectful” of him and that she was hurt because Wendy made her comments without getting to know him.