Guess what? We can finally tell you how to get to Sesame Street.

After more than 50 years on the air, the legendary children’s series is still one of the most popular TV shows – by children and adults.

After debuting in 1969, Sesame Street made household names out of it Jim Henson‘s beloved muppets like Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and more. It has also helped educate children about letters, numbers, and, over time, more serious issues like death, divorce, and drug addiction.

All those years (and more than 4,500 episodes!) Later the show has become more popular than ever. A brand awareness of 100 percent is broadcast in 180 countries worldwide.

But did you know that one state actually banned the series that switched from PBS to HBO in 2015? And that two muppets retired after controversy? Oh, and that Kermit the Frog actually left the show after just one season?