Daniel Radcliffe is that you?

To meet Felix Lalo– A French recording artist and record producer with an uncanny resemblance to 31-year-old Harry Potter alum. So much so that he officially called himself Daniel’s “unofficial look”.

The magic started in February after Felix shared his first TikTok video comparing his face to Daniel’s. Followers couldn’t believe how much the two looked alike. “You are his clone,” one person wrote in the comment section. “I thought you were him. Wow.”

Another added: “Yours [sic] a wizard Harry. “

Since then, Felix has continued to embrace the similarities and made more videos. He goes all out for her too – he weighs the glasses, Hogwarts clothes, and the wand. He’s even done duets with other doppelgangers, including a few creators disguised as Emma Watsonis Hermoine Granger. So it’s no wonder that the social media star’s videos have been viewed a million times and he has around 1.1 million TikTok followers.