The three-day summit will bring together the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) wealthy nations, which include the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and France, as well as representatives from a few other countries, to discuss issues such as coronavirus vaccines, economic recovery and climate change. The Eden Project is a group of bio domes that create a rainforest environment.

Also on Friday, the Queen and the heads of state and government took official photos together. “Should you look like you are having fun?” she asked her, provoking laughter, according to Reuters.

“Yes,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson answered. “We enjoyed ourselves despite the appearances.”

The Queen will meet the Bidens again on Sunday 13 June for lunch at Windsor Castle to close the G7 summit.

On Saturday June 12th, the Queen was busy at another event at the castle, her current home. It was one thrown in her honor. She took part in a scaled-down and socially distant annual military parade Trooping the Color, her annual belated birthday party. It usually shows many members of her extended family, but this time she was only accompanied by her cousin Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent. Last year’s event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

See photos below of the Queen with fellow royals and world leaders at the G7 summit on Friday: