If you ask us, there’s a new Dark Horse candidate for the Record of the Year at the 2022 Grammys. In other words, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift should now start preparing their acceptance speeches.

In fact, American Idol viewers were at the height of their lives during the Duet episode of Hollywood Week on Monday March 22nd. This happened after the participants Camille Lamb and Althea Grace Set aside their differences to improve their performance Lesley Gore Standard “You don’t own me.”

At the beginning of the episode, Camille and Althea were clearly at odds with each other and struggled to get along. Althea told the camera, “We both feel this strange tension.”

Eventually, Katy had to step in and offer the couple an encouraging talk. “You are both on the same team,” said the 36-year-old “Dark Horse” singer. “Do not forget that.”

In the end it all paid off because Camille and Althea both earned a place in the next round. Obviously, Katy felt so aroused by her success that she wondered how this attitude of putting differences aside could affect her own life.