Demi LovatoThe visuals for “Dancing With the Devil” are just as powerful as expected.

The 28-year-old pop superstar dramatized a version of her real-life overdose and hospitalization in the music video of her single, which she released on Friday April 2nd. On the same day she also dropped her new album Dancing With The Devil… The Art of Starting Over.

The video started with Demi in a hospital bed while she was connected to tubes and then went back to earlier in the night while she was drinking a series of beverages, at which point someone found she was unresponsive at home. The uplifting ending focused on her real life “survivor” tattoo.

At the end of the emotional footage that the singer helped direct, the words on the screen read: “A true story of Demi Lovato.”

“The #DancingWithTheDevil music video is out now,” she posted on Instagram. “Thank you for listening and thank you for hearing me. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please remember that it is okay to ask for help.”