It’s brand new Claudia Conway during her last American Idol performance.

The 16-year-old contestant took the stage for the episode of the ABC Singing Competition series on Sunday March 21, making her first appearance since auditioning for the season premiere on February 14. The TikTok star’s parents are Kellyanne Conwaywho served as senior advisor to the former president Donald Trump, and George Conway, a lawyer who worked against Trump.

“I’m Claudia Conway, I’m back!” Claudia told the judges as she was preparing to sing during Hollywood Week.

She looked distinctly different as her once blonde hair had been dyed black since her audition. This resulted Katy Perry to shout: “I’m sorry, excuse me what ?!”

Claudia laughed and said: “Yes! Small change.” Katy replied, “You mean a transformation.” Claudia agreed and said: “A transformation.”

The contestant then explained to the camera that she had serious doubts during her first audition where Katy had interrupted her performance Rihanna‘s “Love on the Brain” and asked her to try another song. Fortunately, Claudia switched to Adele“When we were young” and it was enough to get her to Hollywood Week.