The journey of becoming ends loud Michelle Obama.

During a virtual chat with Dwyane Wade ‘s 13 years old Zaya Wade, The former first lady dropped gems to grow up and learn about herself.

At the start of the call, Zaya really was all of us, as she admitted her split feeling of nervousness and excitement about meeting Michelle. “I’ll meet an idol,” she said. “I’m literally dating an idol, but I like to prepare for this moment for so long, but I’m very excited today. I can miss one of my classes too, so you know …”

The two icons – have you seen Zaya’s wardrobe? – continued discussing Michelle’s novel Becoming, which was published in November 2018, and the teenager asked for advice on how to get through the teenage years.

“Well, the way you did and currently are, you know,” said Michelle. “I am just so proud that you are an amazing role model and that you accept your truth. Right? You already do. Maybe this is for some other young people who are listening.”