BTS is known for his clever lyrics, but the hugely popular group apparently sends subliminal messages as well.

During their visit to The Late Show on Tuesday May 25th, the musicians revealed that their famous finger hearts aren’t the only hand gestures they use to communicate with fans. All seven members –Jin, Suck, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V. and Jungkook– Participation in the segment after an introduction by the host Stephen Colbert.

RM started the video with the words: “Hello, this is RM from BTS. A few years ago we helped popularize finger hearts, a symbol that means love and affection. But that’s just one of many popular gestures we do tonight. Me and the guys at BTS will teach you the rest. “

Each of the seven men showed creative use of his fingers, including V, who clearly had food in his brain.

“This is a V, which is V to my name, but it also means ‘peace,'” he explained, holding up a peace sign. “Or better yet, if you add a finger, ‘slice of pizza’. Looks delicious, but remember, don’t eat your fingers.”