Instagram vs. Reality: Bachelor in Paradise Edition.

With only a few weeks left until the premiere date of the Bachelor spin-off on August 16, one candidate made it clear that she is less than satisfied with some obvious photoshops for her official actor portrait.

Victoria Paulwho first became known with Bachelor Nation Peter WeberThe Bachelor’s season of The Bachelor voiced her concern in a July 8 Instagram post.

“Which filter is that @bachelorinparadise ????” The 28-year-old subtitled the glamor recording. To emphasize, Victoria also posed for an unfiltered, makeup-free snapshot in the same fuchsia mini dress. (Keep scrolling to see the photos side by side!)

Victoria’s seventh BiP castmates got a kick out of their jab, with Tammy Ly comment: “Wait, I’m dying” and Serena Chew write: “We love honest transparency.”

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