Vanessa Bryant‘s house is the home of potty training masters.

On Tuesday, June 15, the mother of four celebrated a feat: her youngest daughter Capri “Koko” Bryant is officially potty trained. “4 for 4 potty training,” Vanessa explained in her Instagram story, “before the age of 2.” As fans know, Vanessa welcomed four children with her late husband Kobe Bryant: Natalia, 18, Bianca, 4, Capri, just a few days from her second birthday, and Giannawho tragically died in a helicopter crash with her beloved father in 2020. She was then 13 years old.

While he lost his life at the age of only 41, Kobe’s memory and legacy lives on in his wife and surviving daughters, including his namesake, Capri.

“Capri Kobe Bryant aka ‘Koko-Bean’ named after her very missing father Kobe Bean Bryant,” Vanessa confirmed in an Instagram post celebrating Capri’s first birthday. “We miss you SO much Gigi and Daddy.”