During his settlement, Nassar said he wanted the survivors and the community to “heal”. The judge said she believed the trial could only take place behind bars with Nassar.

“I agree that now is a time to heal, but it can take a lifetime to heal while you spend your life behind bars – if you think about what you did when you stole your childhood have, “said Richter Rosemary Aquilina called. “You were trained as a healer and you harmed them.

According to the verdict, President and CEO of USA Gymnastics Kerry Perry expressed their support for the survivors. “I will not waive my commitment to focus each day on our organization’s top priority – the safety, health and wellbeing of our athletes,” she said. “We will create a culture that empowers and supports them. Our commitment is uncompromising and I hope that everything we do in the future makes this clear.”