A lot can change in a year. Just ask the Siesta Key star.

While the MTV star usually features lots of fights and dramas, viewers can expect growth this season too, thanks to Trautman’s recent physical and mental transformation.

“There was a kind of moment – literally on a mountain in Aspen – when I had difficulty skiing and tumbling down it, and that was a moment when my physical transformation began,” Trautman told E! News. “I was 50 pounds heavier than now and thought, ‘I need to get well.’ And then my ex and I broke up in June last year and that was really when the bigger shift started. “

The 25-year-old reality star not only went vegan and restricted her alcohol, but also started exercising and she immediately began to see and feel a difference.

“I’ve been sober curious for about a year now and you’re going to see this journey on the show, but I think the greatest thing is just being as active as possible,” she explained. “Exercise, do yoga, go for walks, bike rides, and don’t eat processed foods.”

While she appreciates all the love she received on social media after her weight loss, Trautman takes great pride in the internal work she has done.

“I’ve worked really hard to get where I am and it’s nice that people are recognizing that, but I’m very proud of my inner transformation and I think my outer transformation really reflects the work that is being done I’ve done. “she shared. “The main reason I still do this show is to inspire others.”