Travis Barker I just introduced a new tattoo with a very personal meaning.

On May 21, the Blink 182 Drummer went to his Instagram story to show off his latest ink on his already heavily tattooed body. One arm says “Survivor’s”, the next “Guilt”.

The tattoo is apparently an indication that Travis survived a plane crash in September 2008 that killed four people, including his assistant Chris Baker and security guard Charles Monroe Still, Jr.. Was the only other survivor of the crash Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ AMwho died of an accidental drug overdose less than a year later.

The fatal accident happened when the Learjet that took the group to California crashed while taking off in Columbia, SC. ‚Äč‚ÄčTravis, who is currently together Kourtney Kardashianpreviously talked about the impact the crash had on his life.

“I think back, and I was that little punk, someone I’m not proud of, who abuses pills every day and takes all of that in my spare time. And then you face death and almost die in a plane crash, and then you’re actually forced to eat morphine or whatever for four months. It’s like, ‘Oh, how have the tables changed?’ “he remembered Billboard in 2015 when promoting his memoir. Can I say: Live big, death cheat and drums, drums, drums. “Every day since the plane crash has been another day, I’ve walked away from death. I’m very happy.”