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According to Tom, the four moving stairs were all physically on set and were set in motion instead of being created by special effects.

He remembered the foreplay scene for Harry as the early moment with a dragon. director Chris Columbus replaced the dragon with an egg so the actors had to use their imaginations while reciting their lines.

For the young Tom, it was actually a family affair to make the film. One day while filming was in progress, his father visited the set but was reprimanded for photos.

Tom also mentioned that his grandfather appears in the film and can be seen in the stands of the Quidditch game sitting next to him Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall). Tom explained that although his grandpa had no experience or interest in acting, the director discovered him and his huge beard and offered him the role of teacher, which Tom’s relative happily accepted.

When asked to name the hardest scene to shoot in the first film, Tom replied that “hard” is not a word he would associate with making the film, as the whole process was great fun.

The same goes for the memory of him.

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