“Yes, we give a million dollars, but there are a million ways to make a difference,” continued the CEO. “You can go, you can watch and you can give. Because in the end, money counts. And solving the wage gap becomes a team sport. But together we can all do it. So let’s go.”

Title Nine’s generous gift comes amid US women’s national team lawsuit against the US Football Association suing them for equal pay. Their litigation was documented in HBO Max’s film LFG, also known as the team’s lineup, “Let’s f – king go,” which Missy referred to at the end of the video. In the trailer for the documentary, many of the players described the unfair pay and resources they receive compared to the men’s team.

player Jessica McDonald even revealed that she trains “to make ends meet” in addition to the soccer team. As she explained, “Childcare is more than my salary.”

While judges Gary Klausner dismissed the lawsuit in May 2020, and the women’s team appealed the decision via CNN on Friday, July 23.

From the decision, player Molly Levinson told CNN, “If a woman has to work more than a man and be much more successful than him to get roughly the same wage, it is clearly not an equal wage and it is against the law.”

She continued, “Yet that is exactly what the US national team players do – they play more games and get better results for about the same amount per game as the men’s national team players, that is not the same pay, and it is against federal law. “