A traumatizing experience.

On Wednesday March 24th, the brand new E! News’ Daily Pop, Table and Brandi Cyrus I stopped by to promote their podcast. Sorry we are stoned. And how Miley Cyrus‘Mom shared in the exclusive chat above, she didn’t start smoking marijuana until later in life.

Why? Well, because the Cyrus matriarch survived a shocking bus fire. “I was so against it. I never smoked in my life until I was 42,” Tish told the co-hosts Carissa Culiner and Justin New Years Eve. “But I was on tour with Miley and she had moved on – we drove from Houston to New Orleans – and I stayed behind to meet up with friends and our bus burned down on the way to New Orleans.”

As Tish continued, she remembered experiencing this with another daughter Noah Cyrus and said the bus burned down “within three minutes”.

“I went back to bed and suddenly I heard this huge noise that I thought might have been a shot,” she shared. “It was the tire that burst in the bus.”