Hoda Kotb was surrounded by loved ones on her special day.

Today’s anchor turned 57 on August 9, marking the milestone with a family reunion. Hoda posted an Instagram video from her mom Alone, Sister aunt, FiancĂ©e Joel Schiffman and her two daughters Haley Joy, 4, and Hope Catherine, 2, gathered around the table in their home for a birthday cake.

And while it was Hoda’s big day, it was her kids who sweetly stole the show. For the occasion, Haley and Hope wore adorable matching rainbow outfits and helped their mother blow out the candles after everyone had sung “Happy Birthday”.

Hoda started the celebrations a little earlier this week with another family reunion. On August 8, the morning show star shared a snapshot of himself sitting on the couch with loved ones. In addition to Sami, Hala, Joel, Haley and Hope, Hoda was accompanied by her brother Noble and their nieces Hannah and they. She titled the Instagram picture with “My Birthday”.