They came, saw, won – got medals of all shades of metal, or just the right to call yourself a goddamn Olympian, which, you know, is no easy task.

And now it’s time to go home, which for most of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics stars, whom we just cheered on for 16 days of their lives, means to return to a life of relative anonymity. Of course there are Simone Bilesit the world that Katie Ledeckys that Naomi Osakas, the athletes returning to major tournaments and meetings, drawing large audiences, and signing major sponsorship deals with brands all too eager to have a national hero selling their sportswear, restaurant chains, or snacks helps.

There are always a few breakout stars at every game, too, who are likely to loop their gold, silver, or bronze medal wins through the talk show, a commercial or two, and a spot on Dancing With the Stars. (Who doesn’t want to see Suni Lee in the ballroom?)