What reviewers say:

“I shower and do my hair at night and after I slept on it, my hair looked fresh the next morning with a blow dryer. I’m not exaggerating, the hair looked the same in the morning as it did after styling the night before. So, if this material is for mine Hair is so nourishing, I can only imagine how my face loves it. I’m addicted and will buy more colors. “

“My silk pillowcases get rough and crispy, but they always stay soft as butter and offer the same benefits as silk. My skin and hair love them. Do I have to buy and don’t indulge in silk when you have them. Excellent quality too. I I do.” I’ve washed mine many times and they’re still in perfect condition. “

“Well, lumps if I wake up now. I also don’t get cheek and facial wrinkles that last 3 hours after waking up. My skin care products are not rubbed off or absorbed like my old cotton pillowcases.”

“These pillowcases are beautiful! They are well made, soft and slippery (the way satin should be) and folding closures instead of zippers were no problem at all – none of my pillows came out of their covers. They are easily the same or better quality than that higher priced pillowcases. “