19. Perhaps Point Break’s biggest takeout? That Kathryn Bigelow is an asshole behind the camera.

Hollywood wasn’t exactly overflowing with women making action films back then, an interviewer asked Reeves in 1991 how it was or if it was something else to be directed by a woman. Reeves said he totally dug up how Bigelow was rolling. “I’ve worked with women directors,” he said, “it’s only human, you know, just humanity.”

In another behind-the-scenes interview, he described her as “almost like a Utah woman in a sense, motivated and strong-willed and wanting to make it happen”.

Reflecting on the experience in It’s Make or Break, Swayze noted, “Women often do macho movies much better than men because they have the ability to withdraw from the truth. Wonderful things can happen.” So I agreed Gary Busey, Utah’s partner Angelo Pappas, who said, “They’re better at handling details, it’s women, they just have it over men. That’s just the way it is.”

One guy at a time sang their praises. Petty, too, “had a lot of fun from the beginning to the end of the film.” But she also said, “People think [the movie’s] softer because of Kathryn, because she’s a woman, and that’s not the truth at all. She was so in love with the action. There was a scene with me and Keanu, we should just kiss on the beach, she said, ‘Oh god, whatever, just keep going!’ … She loves action a lot more than just being quiet. “

Bigelow made it “infinitely more interesting” John C. McGinley, who played FBI chief harp, recalled. “She made a chase as exciting as a car chase.”