Yara was still with the previous first family and sat down with them Barack Obama At the Obama Foundation Summit 2019 in Chicago, he interviewed him on various topics and how young people can participate in change. In fact, this was the event that the 44th President of the United States warned of online shame and made people known for mistaking a social media bunch for activism.

“If I tweet or hashtag about how you did something wrong or used the wrong verb. Can I sit back and feel pretty good because you see how I woke up?” Obama said. “You know, that’s not activism. It won’t change anything. If you’re just throwing stones, you probably won’t get that far.”

Of course he was called again. As the Twitter Sharks circled, Yara came on his defense – pointing out that they were talking about a lot more than what made the headlines.

“Since I was part of the 75-minute conversation that preceded it and then followed it, it was really a moment when I felt like people chose two sentences of what was being said,” she told The Hollywood a few days later Reporter. “There is something to be said for the importance of accountability. But I think the culture of accountability is different from the call-out culture.”

She continued, “There’s one thing to do as a force of action and realize that I’m doing something as part of a mass online movement, and then there’s still a tendency that we have to acknowledge Keeping an eye on people criticizing any solution and being overly picky with no metric for the growth of what we expect in return. I think he got into the nuance. In his comments, I was really talking about the importance of action Action may be different for everyone, but really appreciative: ‘When do you take action and when do you just identify the problem?’ “