Obviously, Thursday January 21st was a big day for Joe Bidenas he was, was sworn in as the 46th President.

However, our eyes couldn’t help but wander to his always fashionable granddaughters (Naomi, 27, Finnegan, 22, Maisy, 20 and Natalie, 16), all stunned in fierce monochrome looks at the presidential inauguration in 2021. And of course, TikTok users quickly became obsessed with his daughter Ashley BidenThe elegant tuxedo during the evening parties.

We immediately decided to learn more about the Biden women (aka our newest crushes of girls) as soon as possible. While we love a good internet challenge, it turned out to be extraordinarily difficult as Naomi was the only granddaughter with a public Instagram page.

But if you’re like us and already obsessed with the nifty First Family, it was well worth a look at Naomi’s photos as she is the eldest daughter of the President’s son Hunter Biden. Here’s what we found by scrolling all the way down.