comedian Tony Baker mourns his son Cerain Bakerwho died in a car accident on August 3rd.

According to a press release from the Burbank Police Department on Aug. 4, authorities were called in to a car accident at 11:50 p.m. Tuesday evening. Upon arrival, the statement said, police and paramedics found that three occupants of a silver Volkswagen were thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. The press release said a fourth passenger was taken to a local hospital with “serious injuries”.

A second vehicle was also involved, but there was only one occupant who, according to the authorities, was hospitalized with “serious injuries”.

Investigators said they are investigating the accident after interviewing two occupants of a Mercedes-Benz who did not report injuries to police. The press release states that the police assume that the Mercedes-Benz “drove” the Kia when it collided with the Volkswagen.