Perhaps it’s the belief that two exceptionally attractive, talented people just can’t keep working on it in their equally prosperous but incredibly separate careers. But thanks to their efforts to maintain a balanced partnership and prioritize their relationship (“David and I both respect that each of us is very, very busy; we both run big businesses, but we hang up and sometimes we do just talk, “she noted to Elle UK.) The standout Spice Girls became an award-winning designer on April 17th and her professional soccer husband, 45, swears they were just as excited when they fell in love at first sight from Manchester United 23 years ago.

Even more in love, proving their critics wrong has a way of bringing people together. As Victoria explained in a 2017 letter to her younger self published in UK Vogue, “In relationships, people will throw obstacles in the way and you will either maneuver around them or you will trip.” After consistently choosing the former, she discovered the most valuable lesson: “Even if you don’t necessarily want the same thing, your mutual support means that you stick together and grow up together. And it will be.” Be worth.”

Because what she has learned for more than two decades is “that we are stronger together than we are as individuals,” as she told British Vogue. “Would either of us be in the position we are in now, had we not met all those years ago and been together?”