Is it 2002 or 2021? Because Bennifer is back!

After her separation from her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez turns to another former fiancé –Ben Affleck– so that one shoulder leans against it.

Jennifer, 51, and Ben, 48, reportedly reunited after they were both newly single. This can be seen from photos obtained from page 6. He was picked up and dropped off at the singer’s mansion in Los Angeles on Friday, April 30th.

An eyewitness tells E! News of the rendezvous going down and explaining that Ben had parked his Mercedes at the Hotel Bel Air before it was picked up and taken to her house on the street. In the afternoon J. Los Escalade left her house and brought Ben back to the hotel with his backpack in tow. “He got his Mercedes and left,” said the witness.

But don’t get too far ahead of you: for now, J.Lo and Ben are keeping things platonic. “They’re just friends,” a source tells E! News.