You, next to daughter Melissa rivers and the E! Network, at the pre-show of the Golden Globes in 1994, would create an entire industry with just four simple words: “Who are you wearing?” From that moment on, the red carpet would never be the same again. Indeed, thanks to Rivers’ fun, hilarious, and, yes, sometimes snappy approach to celebrities and their fashion choices, very often overshadowed the event that everyone was coming to. The comedian’s work for E! the red carpet would eventually transform into Fashion Police, who debuted the network with Rivers at the helm in 2010 until she died.

Before Rivers turned the red carpet, he also helped change the face of late-night TV, albeit temporarily when he was after serving as a Johnny Carson‘s permanent guest presenter on The Tonight Show (where she was first hired as a writer by the iconic comic in 1965) since 1983, she became the first female presenter in history when The Late Show starring Joan Rivers debuted on Fox in October 1986 The move enraged Carson, who hung up when she called and never spoke to her again and blacklisted her on the long-running NBC series Jimmy Fallon took over the same year she died.

Seven months later, Rivers and Edgar Rosenberg, her second husband who served as the show’s producer, was fired from Fox. (The late night was slow to follow Rivers’ lead, at least on the networking side, with Lilly Singh‘s A Little Late, the first series with a female front since The Late Show.)