HSBC Tower in the Canary Wharf financial district in London, England

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Following a heart attack, an HSBC manager in the UK promised to change his work-life balance in a viral post on LinkedIn.

Jonathan Frostick, program manager at HSBC, described in a LinkedIn post last week how he had a heart attack on a Sunday afternoon while sitting down to prepare for some work for the week ahead.

But instead of seeing his life flash before his eyes, Frostick said one of his first thoughts was, “I had to meet my manager tomorrow, it’s not convenient.”

Frostick said he has decided to stop “spending all day zooming” and plans to reorganize his approach to work.

“I really will never take being at work again – life is literally too short,” he said next to a picture from his hospital bed after the heart attack.

Frostick also said he wanted to “count for something every day at work” or that he would change his role.

The post attracted more than 200,000 reactions on LinkedIn.

In response to some of the 10,500+ comments on the post, Frostick replied that he didn’t expect the news to “get home” the way she did – “but I’m pleased that it appears to have helped so many people.”

A HSBC spokesman said: “We all wish Jonathan a full and speedy recovery.”

They said the company recognized the importance of personal health, wellbeing and a good work-life balance and redoubled its efforts in these areas over the past year.

“The response to this topic shows how preoccupied people are with this, and we encourage everyone to make their health and wellbeing a top priority,” they added.

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